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AVG is an antivirus provider company that built products for your online security, & your devices, data, people will be protected. AVG provides complete protection to your PC, smartphone, and other android devices. You are free to use your internet on devices, which means your files & documents will not use by others without your permission. AVG Antivirus provides some free antivirus software products and some you can buy easily by AVG Coupon Code. You know it very clear that the internet is used at every place wherever you go, at home, offices & others. AVG provides safety products for your PCs, Mac, mobile, partners, business, and also express installation services. If you face any problem while downloading your antivirus then AVG support always with you. For purchasing any AVG product, you need to create your account by filling in some personal information that asked you. To know more you can connect with AVG’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube accounts.

AVG internet security

Know more about AVG Company

AVG was called an Anti-Virus Guard and it is a software antivirus company. This came into existence with the technology and support of the Avast Antivirus company. Anti-Virus Guard was launched in the year 1992, in the Czech republic. Get online security for all your devices by downloading, installing these AVG free antivirus software. AVG gives users some useful and important tips for security and performance. AVG student discounts also provided by avg companies to help them in more exploring and learning.

What products are provided by AVG antivirus companies?

AVG products

There are products has been built by AVG for home, business and partners.  AVG Products has been categorized as the best, performance, protection, and privacy. You can buy antivirus software for improving performance, and to get protection or privacy. The best AVG ultimate software for your PC and Mac. For the protection of your PC and Mac here is AVG antivirus free & AVG internet security to get protection for your PC? The same AVG antivirus for the protection of your Mac is AVG AntiVirus Free for Mac and AVG internet security for Mac. Get better performance for your PC and Mac by installing AVG TuneUP, AVG Driver Updater for PC, AVG TuneUp for Mac. Privacy is the most considerable thing that everyone wants and wants to keep hide their online activity. AVG Secure VPN for PC and AVG Secure VPN for Mac, AVG AntiTrack & AVG secure browser for PC.

What is the use of AVG free antivirus for PC & Mac?

AVG AntiVirus for Mac

AVG antivirus free to download and install for the protection of your personal computer and Mac. AVG free antivirus you can use and download for your android, iPhones, Mac. AVG antivirus protects your devices from malware, ransomware, cyber-attacks, spyware. You will get protection after downloading this on your devices. The viruses and malware will be detected by AVG antivirus because it scans these and gives you security updates. This is the best antivirus for android that you can download free on your android.

AVG Internet Security for PC

This is trusted by hundreds of millions worldwide for providing security to the internet your use. This is the best antivirus to keep your device away from malware, ransomware. AVG Internet Security plans for your 1 device and also up to 10 devices that you can purchase. AVG Discount Coupon Code available if you want to get a discount on buying internet security antivirus. In this digital world and online through the internet, there are always hackers who are ready to hack your personal information. Files, documents, and photos also that you want to hide and keep those private from hackers or other people. There are new features available in AVG internet security WebCam and Ransomware Protection.

Benefits of AVG Internet Security

Computer Protection- This antivirus gives the threat and alert that create malware, ransomware, and other viruses. An advanced antivirus always keeps your computer away from nasty viruses. Artificial intelligence always gives support to detect viruses. There are some unwanted applications and other irrelevant programs run automatically, for this PUA scanner gives alerts to you.

Web & E-mail Protection– It is like to keep hide your online activity and threat of malicious cyber-attack. You also require to keep your e-mail and web safe and secure. These features also included in this antivirus so that unknown sender can not send content to your e-mail.

Protection from hacker attacks– AVG internet security has firewall features that protect your all personal information, files, data protected by ransomware protection. No one can hack your privacy detail, photos, document, as there is always protected from hacker attacks.

Payment & Privacy Protection– When you use this antivirus software your all privacy will hide including photos, personal detail, and files. AVG users do not need to worry about their payment for shop & payment online from the bank. AVG gives trust to the users to shop and bank online freely and securely. These are the benefits of using AVG internet security for your PC but you can keep and use internet security for your Mac.

AVG Internet Security for Mac

This antivirus has been built for Mac users to protect their Mac devices from any kind of Threats. When you make your profile on banking or shop online you need to add your personal details. So did you think before that if your banking credit card detail would be theft by hackers? Hackers always create a technique and new ideas by making fake id or websites. Not every user can identify itself threat and fake websites and other profiles of hackers easily. For fulfilling this need AVG brought AVG Internet Security for Mac, you can get a free trial for 60 days. There are two purchasing plans one is for 1 Mac user and another for up to 10 Mac systems. Buy at $69.99/year for using 1 Mac and $89.99/year for up to 10 devices. But you can save your maximum money by AVG promo Code for purchasing AVG Internet Security for Mac.

AVG provides 30 days money-back guarantee to you if you are not satisfied after purchasing this antivirus software.

AVG money back guarantee

Features of using AVG Internet Security for Mac

Protect the AVG users from all kind of viruses, malware, spyware and, ransomware

Block irrelevant websites, content that is not relevant and useful for you

Secure and safe your personal files and data, photos that you want to hide

Give the AVG users automatic security updates

24/7 security and protection for the Mac users

You will not face the problem of slowness in your Mac

Why do you need AVG Secure VPN for PC & Mac?

AVG secure VPN

Virtual Private Network(VPN)- this is a network that enables the users to connect worldwide. But if you connected then there is always a chance of your private browsing information misusing. You can take download a free trial for PC and Mac, and this works on android or iOS. When you using the internet at your home or in public, you need to use wifi of the public. So AVG users do not need to worry they are secure to use their wifi wherever they want to go and use. AVG Secure VPN helps you to keep your online activity private and secure. AVG Secure VPN Discount on purchasing VPN antivirus software for your PC, Mac, or mobiles. 5 Devices purchasing plan for 1 year, 2 years, and 3 years. Buy AVG secure VPN for 1 year is $4.99 per month, 2 years best valuable plan is at $3.99/month & the same for 3 years. A detailed comparison between AVG vs Avast will tell us which software offers the best features and customer service.

What is AVG TuneUp for your PC?

AVG TuneUP is considered one of the best software that you can buy for your PC and Mac. AVG PC TuneUp gives your PC a new enhancement because it improves speed and performance. Fix your PC and remove unnecessary junk files and data that you never wanted. You might know that there are always some errors and junk files or automatic apps run into your PC. These encrypted files and automatic opening of apps and other programs will lead to the slow down speed of your PC. You can not open different programs if you needed because your PC hangs. Buy this from AVG online store at $49.99 for Up to 10 devices.

AVG tuneup for PC

Benefits of AVG TuneUP for PC

It gives power to your PC to run better like a new than before

Your PC will not slow down when it runs

It automatically frees up space from your PC created by Junk Files

Uninstall the software that you do not need on your PC

Automatic maintenance for your browsing history, cookies, and caches files

There will no crashes and errors in your window PC

AVG TuneUp for Mac

AVG TuneUp for your Mac is for cleaning your all junk files, data and poor-quality photos, more. These encrypted files and data make poorer performance in your Mac. TuneUp for Mac clean junk files and make your Mac better than before, free up irrelevant space from your Mac. After downloading and installing this software on your Mac your Mac will run better and give fast performance & speed. Your Mac should be macOS 10.10 Yosemite or newer and 62 MB of hard disk space to download this. If you have already a Licence of AVG then you can download it directly. The price for purchasing AVG TuneUp for Mac is $49.99 on AVG online store.

Benefits of AVG TuneUp for Mac-

Clean junk files

Remove duplicate files and document, to free up space

Get rid of bad quality images

AVG Driver Updater for your device drivers

AVG driver updater

Drivers of any device are an essential part to give your system rich audio, video & faster browsing. The price starts from $39.99/year and here you can free scan your device also. You will not face problems with your mouse, and other hardware devices. AVG driver updater is important for your device drivers because it creates fewer chances of crashing. Audio song quality will get improve and also your visual graphics with good quality.


Features of AVG Driver Updater

Fast speed and performance

Solve your slow wifi or internet connection problem

Browsing and downloading at a fast speed

Reduces crashing, printer, and scanner problems

There will no hardware problems

Allow always latest drivers for your PC

AVG AntiTrack for PC

AVG AntiTrack Promo code

AVG anti-track gives privacy to you on your PC and your online activity and personal information will secure. If you go online there is a truth behind your all online activity. More than 70% of website visitors to your profile and starts to track them. This is the best way to get privacy and keep secure to get in touch with trackers. The purchasing price is just $39.99/year but you can save dollars by AVG AntiTrack Promo Code. You will get an alert about that who is trying to track you and your personal information. Fingerprint features tell the users your browsing will make more accurate to you.

AVG Secure Browser

This is a free download and easy-to-use secure browser software of AVG. Now you can browse without losing your privacy with a fast and secure AVG Secure Browser. Every user wants to hide their browsing history because it can be tracked by someone. For this purpose, it would become necessary to keep secure your browsing. If you use your browser by downloading AVG secure browser on your PC then it leads to only private browsing mode. The requirement for free downloading is windows 10, 8, 8.1, or 7 and 400 MB of hard disk space.

AVG Secure Browser

Benefits of using this AVG secure browser-

Protect your browser to get tracking

Block advertisement automatically

Always private browsing mode

It is a combination of AVG antivirus and AVG Secure VPN

Browsing speed will up to 4x faster  because it blocks irrelevant ads

AVG Ultimate Coupon Code

AVG Ultimate Coupon

AVG Ultimate is powerful protection software for your PC, Mac, and other android devices. It is in one protection and security solution of Internet Security, TuneUp, and Secure VPN. AVG provides you a discount on the ultimate plan and you can save 33% on this and you can use this up to 10 devices. The purchasing price is $79.99/year and for more savings on this get AVG Ultimate Coupon. You will get complete internet security when you online and using your internet connection. You are free to use the internet or wifi even in the public without any interruption and privacy hacked. AVG TuneUp is also included in this for better performance of your system to run fast and secure. It gives a new look and frees up space from your system, removes junk files and data. For getting more security features AVG brings some more advanced features in this AVG ultimate. Your Android devices also get secure and improve performance by AVG Antivirus Pro and AVG Cleaner Pro.

Benefits of AVG Ultimate

WebCam, ransomware, payment, e-mail, antivirus, and hacker protection

Automatic maintenance and anti-theft alerts

Software updater and app-lock protection

Clean your junk files and disk, browser

Device lock and sensitive data shield performance

System requirements for installing AVG Ultimate

Window PC- window 10, 8, and 7 and 1 GB RAM, 1500 MB disk space needed for installation

Mac- OSX 10.10 Yosemite or newer, 64-bit Intel processor and 2 GB RAM and 500 MB of disk space for installation

Android- Android 5.0 lollipop API 21 and above this

iOS- 10.0 or above for install this avg ultimate

There are some software antivirus and secure VPN for mobile also. Let’s secure and protect your mobile by using this AVG software for your mobile.

AVG AntiVirus for Android

AVG Cleaner for Android

AVG Secure VPN for Android

AVG Mobile security for iPhone/iPad

AVG Secure VPN for iPhone/iPad

AVG AntiVirus for Android

Mobile antivirus has been built named AVG AntiVirus for mobile security. It helps in securing your photos, messages, and memories. This is a free AVG antivirus software that you can download from google’s play store or directly from AVG’s site. You can buy this Pro version from the play store that is AVG antivirus pro and free for 14 days to the users. AVG antivirus for your phone and tablets are fighting with viruses, malware, spyware, ransomware to remove it.  This is anti-theft protection and app- lock protection antivirus.

AVG Cleaner for Android

AVG Cleaner for Android

Free download AVG cleaner for your phone and tablets and get free space, battery life, fast speed on android. If you will buy AVG TuneUp or Ultimate then you will get this AVG cleaner also. But you can separately freely download and use it for your phone and tablets. Cleanup your photos, and provide free space in your android. You can use this application easily and extend battery life than before. Resource hogs in AVG cleaner detect the application that takes large space, battery, and speed.

AVG Secure VPN for Android

Secure VPN also works on your Windows PC, Mac, and iOS. Keep maintaining your privacy by using this powerful application for android and download it from the google play store. AVG users can try it for free but you need to buy a paid version for installing in your android phone. AVG provides plans to secure up to 5 devices 1-year plan at $4.99/month, 2 years and 3 years is at $3.99/month. You do not need to worry about money after purchasing because AVG gives 30 days money-back guarantee to the users.

AVG mobile security for iPhone & iPad

Install this application from the google play store only for iPhone and iPad users. AVG mobile security is not just for mobile but you are safe when online even on your iPhone and iPad. Check wifi connection that can be traced and keep you away and safe in public wifi.

AVG SecureVPN for iPhone/iPad

Secure VPN for iPhone and iPad also works on your Mac, Windows PC, and android. Buy this from the play store or directly from AVG’s website. This application secures and saves your online activity and public wifi if you using it in your home or wherever you want to use it. Browsing, e-mails, and payment activity will not show to anyone because AVG secure VPN keeps hide them.