Best VPN for Small Business 2021

Best VPN for Small Business

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Did you know? According to the latest report. Around 43 percent of cyber attacks are target at small-scale businesses. And every year percentage of cyber attacks increasing at a high speed. Hacker tries to hack their identity, account access, or sensitive information such a password. So, to increase privacy and security, the companies introduce VPN technology. There are many best VPN for small businesses that you can use.

The VPNs which we will discuss below are not only for small businesses, Whether you are a large company or small,  enterprise or organization, Every type of business requires privacy which can be fulfilled by using VPN.

In most cases, large-scale businesses have that much of money to increase the security from various resources. But when we talk about small businesses they avoid spending their money on such type of software.

Here is the solution for you. Now small businesses can also use VPN with the lowest price tag.

Why need VPN for Small businesses?

Why need VPN for Small businesses

VPN is the most powerful software to keeps all business information and activity private. There are 3 main reasons that you should have to buy VPN for small businesses.

  1. Remote Access

Companies may hire remote employees who want to work for office from another place. In that case, employees may use the public wifi or unsafe internet connection which can lead to exposure of the business activity online. So, the company requires to use the VPN which encrypts the company server connection.

After that employees can also transfer files and access business data with a secure internet connection.

  1. Speed Benefit

As many users connected with the same server, the ISP (Internet Service Provider) distribute the speed equally among them. But when you started using VPN, you become anonymous and no one can trace your online activity. Even your ISP can’t see your server traffic by which leads to no compromise in the internet speed. Because your IP address has changed and ISP can’t detect it.

With this speed benefit reason, most of the people like to the VPN for business.

  1. Security

VPN makes a secure tunnel between your device and ISP. It provides a shield to your online information and makes you anonymous. VPN is the best solution to protect yourself or a small business from a cybersecurity attack.

List of Top 3 Best VPN for Small Business

Top 3 Best Business VPNs

We have listed the all-time best VPNs for all kinds of businesses. You can use any 1 from it and can experience top-class security.

  1. Hola VPN – It is the best choice VPN for small business. It does not only provide high security but also you can connect upto 20 devices with its paid price plan. You can also use the Hola VPN promo code to avail of the discount while doing the purchase.
  2. NordVPN – It is a well-known VPN service provider over the world. Its security and internet speed are can’t beatable. It has the most available servers. We can also say that it is perfect to use in every case. But the price tag of NordVPN is higher as compared to other VPNs.
  3. PrivateVPN – It is the best affordable VPN, It does not have too many servers but its services are excellent. It also offers a free trial version. You experience the high privacy and speed features before committing to purchase. After that, when you like to buy their paid plan, then you can apply the PrivateVPN discount code to get more extra discounts.

What to look at before buying a VPN for business?

To secure the business data from breach, You need to buy the best VPN. Every VPN has the same motive to protect private information from hackers by changing the IP address. But always there are small differences in every VPN in terms of data encryption security, speed, servers available locations, customer support, and price tag.

By comparing these necessary features with other VPN can help you to figure out the best business VPN.

  Hola VPN NordVPN PrivateVPN
Security Quite Good High High
Speed Fast Fast Fast
Maximum Device can Connect Upto 20 Upto 6 Upto 6
Servers Upto 1500 Upto 5477 Upto 150
Customer Support Good Average Good
Price Starts from $2.99 per month Starts from $3.49 per month Starts from $2.50 per month
Free Version Yes No No
Free Trail No No Yes , 7 days

Final Thought

To prevent your business from harmful or unethical activity, it is necessary to use the business VPN. I Hope, now can purchase the best VPN for your small business. We have also mentioned a coupon code for you to make discounted price purchase.

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