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CorelDraw Review

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CorelDraw is one of the most popular vector graphic design software on the globe. But is CorelDraw good? Here I am going to represent an honest CorelDraw Review. I have been using CorelDraw for a long time. So I have some fabulous experience with the CorelDraw. The review is not just based on my experience, but it is based on experiences of the many CorelDraw users.

Pros of the CorelDraw

Pros and Cons of the CorelDraw

There is a lengthy and appealing list of the benefits of the Coreldraw. Here I discuss some important features of the CorelDraw.

  • Fabulous customization- Coreldraw offers the fabulous customization offers to the customers. Here you will get a great system to create the banners, logos, posters and many more.
  • User friendly- It is very easy to learn compared to photoshop and other competitors of the CorelDraw.Anyone can easily understand and use the Corel draw to create well-designed and beautiful graphics.
  • Easily manage the curve section- If you are a graphic designer then there is a strong probability that you face the difficulties in managing the curve of the designs. If you choose the CorelDraw than there is no need to worry about the difficulty curve segments of the design. CorelDraw offers the Bezier tool that helps to manage the curve section of the design very smoothly.
  • Tracing Software- CorelDraw offers an excellent level of tracing software. You must try it once and you will find it one of the best tracing software.

Let’s continue the CorelDraw Review and discuss some Cons of the CorelDraw.

Cons of the CorelDraw

I want to show some Drawbacks of the CorelDraw that makes is quite bad software. So let’s begin with the first Con of the Coreldraw.

  • Transferring- If you use the CorelDraw then you are going to face some difficulties in sending files to the other devices. Many graphic designers are there who use Indesign and Photoshop for graphic design. It is not possible to share the CorelDraw file directly to Photoshop and InDesign. So here you can face the difficulty in sharing the files of the CorelDraw.
  • Print preview- If you will take a look at the print preview of the CorelDraw then you get it good. But if you will compare the print preview of the CorelDraw with its competitor Illustrator. Then Illustrator wins that part. Illustrators’ print preview is very accurate.

We have seen some pros and cons of the Coreldraw. Now let’s take a look at the features of the CorelDraw.

Features of the CorelDraw

When it comes to the features of the CorelDraw. Then you must know that there are many features of the CorelDraw. Here I am going to describe some famous important CorelDraw features.

  • Live sketch tool- This feature allows you to feel like a natural drawing with a pen and paper. It is very easy to draw the vector graphics with this Live Sketch tool.
  • Gaussian blur feature- Here You can give your image a beautiful design with the Gaussian blur feature. Gaussian blur or Gaussian smoothing is the effect of graphic software that helps to reduce the detail of the image.
  • Corel font manager- The feature allows creating a great image with the right fonts.
  • Copy curve segment- It will be easy for you to creat adjacent shapes with similar contours.
  • Healing Clone tools- This tool helps to make your photo more beautiful by hiding unwanted scars, and darkspots. There are many things that you can get with the healing tool.

These features are one of the best features of the CorelDraw.

What is CorelDraw Home and Suite?

Features of the CorelDraw home and Suite

CorelDraw Home and Suite is specially designed for the students who are intrusted in graphic design. Here CorelDraw offers almost all essential features that will help them to create the graphics. There are many sample projects & learning material that will help you to grab all the knowledge very soon. Here many other benefits that will help you to start from scratch.

Features of the CorelDraw Home and Suite

Features of the CorelDraw

These are the key features of the CorelDraw

  • Vector illustrator- this feature allows you to create beautiful lines and curves as well. It will help you to show your creativity to the next level.
  • Photo editing tool- Make your photo more attractive with the CorelDraw PHOTO-PAINT’s photo editing tools. It is a powerful layer-based photo editing tool. Here you have the healing clone tool and correction tool.
  • Color fills and transparencies- Here you can easily add the colors. And change the transparency which suits the design most.
  • Royalty-free, quality content- Here you will get the 1, 000 clip art and digital images, 100 royalty-free high-resolution photos. 175 fonts, 200 photo frames, and much more content are there to make your content more beautiful.
  • Fully customizable interface- It is fully customizable and you can customize it according to your suitability. If you are going to start then you can choose between the Lite and workspace.
  • Web graphic tools- Many graphic tools are there to help you to show the real creativity of yours. You can upload the photos directly to the WordPress site with an expert WordPress feature.

Here you have the opportunity to create something different and unique. CorelDraw Home and Suite offers almost every essential feature which is required to create the posters, cards, and more.

Is CorelDraw free?

Is CorelDraw free

No Coreldraw is not free but at the same time,  you have the opportunity to get the CorelDraw free for 15 days. Where you can access all premiere features of the Coreldraw. Enjoy all premium features and create the beautiful well designed graphic designs with the Coreldraw. But one thing you have to remember that after 15 days you need to pay if you are willing to continue.

How much is CorelDraw?

If you want the full version of the CorelDraw then you can take the annual subscription at $249.00. You can also choose the one time purchase at $499.00. Prices are the same for the Mac users and the windows user. If you are a student o you can choose the Coreldraw Home & Student Suite at $129.00 only. But you can’t use it for commercial uses or business purposes. If you are confused then I will suggest you take the 15 days free trial and get all premium features. So that you will get the clarification.

What is CorelDraw Technical Suite?

CorelDraw technical suite offers the one the best tools to design the technical documentation. Here you will get almost every tool that will help you to create the complex technical illustration. It is generally used to create a complex user manual or detailed illustrations. If you want to buy the CorelDraw Technical Suite then you need to pay $999.00 for the full version. You can also subscribe to $429.00 per year. The plans come with the 30 days money-back guarantee.

What is the difference between CorelDraw and CorelDraw Technical Suite?

What is the CorelDraw and CorelDraw Suite Technical

CorelDraw is a vector-based graphic designing software where you can create the beautiful-well designed vector-based graphics. It is generally used to create posters, cards, and many more. If we discuss the CorelDraw technical suite so it is the software where you will get a very important tool to create the technical illustrator. Coreldraw technical suite is generally used to create the technical illustrator, complex user manuals, and many more.

Is CorelDraw good?

CorelDraw is being used by almost 60% of the industry. It is easy to learn and it offers great tools to create the perfect designs. The company started in 1989 and still it is carrying a good record in the market. So in my opinion CorelDraw is good software.

CorelDraw Customer Support

CorelDraw Customer Support

Coreldraw offers great support to its customers. If you face any difficulty you can directly call the CorelDraw Customer Support. All you need to do is just dial the 1-877-682-6735. You will get instant support and solution to your problem. If you want you can choose the live chat option. There are many FAQ and tutorials which will help you to get the solution to the problem. The CorelDraw expert team is always there to help you.


I hope the CorelDraw Review 2021 helped you. It can be a good option to create a vector-based graphic design. Show your creativity with the Coreldraw.  It is trusted by my million of designers on the globe. So in my opinion CorelDraw is excellent software to create beautiful and fabulous designs.

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