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McAfee is a security and antivirus software company that was founded in the year 1987. The founder of McAfee software was Jhon McAfee and headquarter is in Santa Clara. This company considers as the world’s largest security and McAfee Total Protection company trusted by millions of users.  Would you think your devices are protected from cyber-attackers? The answer is always no because when you connected to the internet, your personal information is not safe. So here what can you do? do not worry McAfee company has brought a solution for your device safety. The security of your device is the major thing that you can not avoid. Everyone knows that we are now living in the digital world where most activity does online. McAfee products provide the user’s protection to keep away their details and devices from hackers. These are the most essential software that you can easily set in your device and buy using McAfee Coupon Code.

When a person connected to the internet and come online their activity that they do can be tracked by hackers. There are many ways that a common person does not know how their details can be tracked.

Buy McAfee antivirus protection for the security of your financial information that can be credit card, debit card, and other banking details. McAfee built software products for your home and enterprise security. Let’s discuss all the software of McAfee’s complete data protection.

McAfee Home Security Products

There are many software products that you can buy from the McAfee online store. Protection and security for your devices are essential whether in your home or business, enterprise. Some people do online work from their homes, and it is a digital world no work can do without coming online. When you come online, have you noticed that you are safe or your browsing is safe? Normal people do not know their online activities which they do can be tracked. So here McAfee Security software products for you to enjoy safe browsing and keep away from hackers.

Home Products are:

  • Premium Antivirus for PC
  • Premium Antivirus for Mac
  • Antivirus for Android
  • Antivirus for iOS
  • Gaming Antivirus
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Identity Theft Protection
  • Safe Browser
  • Parental Controls

Premium AntiVirus for PC

Premium AntiVirus for PC

It is a multiple device premium protection antivirus software for your devices. You can protect up to 10 devices for 1 year. McAfee offers three plans for the users for individual, family, and multi-device. The McAfee family plan is the best deal plan for the users, this is a McAfee total protection product. If you want your device protected from viruses, internet security, and more antivirus protection so you can buy this. Here you can save your money up to 80% off by McAfee Coupons or Discounts and get the best deal plan at $39.99. Premium AntiVirus includes web browsing, password manager with VPN and ID theft protection.

Premium AntiVirus for Mac and Save up to 65% Off by McAfee Discount Coupon

Premium AntiVirus for Mac

This premium antivirus for mac is built for Mac users, includes robust antivirus, firewall, and ID protection. You can choose any one plan according to the requirement of the number of the device you use. Get discount up to 65% off by McAfee discount coupon for use on multiple devices. You can protect up to 5 devices in this multi-device plan of premium antivirus for Mac. This software is threat protection for Mac from viruses, malware, and hackers. Scan your Mac in three different ways real-time, on-demanding and scheduled scanning for comprehensive protection.

AntiVirus for Android

AntiVirus for Android

AntiVirus for Android is downloaded by over 50 million users and that’s why it is the award-winning mobile security. As you all know that every person is using their mobile device and carry it along with him. Unlike computers and laptops, smartphone and android security are also important. People use their mobile for shopping online, making payment, and banking- credit card or debit card details. Do you think all the financial or personal information that you use on your smartphone devices is safe? For preventing phishing scams on android you can free download antivirus for android. But if you want some advanced feature for the protection of your android you can go for a standard or plus plan.

Compare free antivirus for android & Plus antivirus for android

Security scan, privacy check, anti-theft, safe wifi, battery & memory booster, storage cleaner, track data usage. These are the features and advantages that included in both free plus McAfee antivirus for android. You will not get media backup, 24/7 phone support, wifi guard VPN, guest mode, secure app lock, safe web in free antivirus for android. These are the advanced feature that McAfee provided in the Plus antivirus for android.

AntiVirus for iOS

Install this software for keeping your details like banking, Identity card, Licence, passport and others. McAfee mobile security for iOS scans the threat that is identified in your iOS. AntiVirus for iOS is downloaded by over 150 million users worldwide. You do not need to worry if your data is lost because this antivirus software will backup & restore your data. This included McAfee VPN privacy protection so that you can surf the web without fear of hackers. If your iOS device has been lost or stolen by someone so you can immediately remove your data. A map location service will help you to find your phone. This mobile security for the iOS price is $29.99 if you choose the standard plan. The other plan is Plus for iOS cost $79.99 but you can get a huge discount on buying this with McAfee Coupons & Promotions.

Features of Plus AntiVirus for iOS
  • Scan your iOS devices and wifi from the viruses, malware and other threat that detected in your system.
  • A PIN media vault protects your photos & devices, set an alarm in your devices to find your lost phone.
  • Backup of your essential contact whenever you need it
  • Anti-Theft protection
  • Get 24/7 expert phone support anytime
  • There will no ads and get privacy, security in your iOS
  • Safe web so that you can search for anything and get alert of phishing websites
  • Enjoy your wifi connection private and secure with Wi-Fi Guard VPN

Buy Gaming AntiVirus Up to 40% Off

Gaming Antivirus

This gaming antivirus has been built for providing users with a better gaming experience. You will get faster, safer with McAfee gaming security. Micro AV engine fastly detects the threat identify in your devices’ gaming. While playing the game you will get a feature in this antivirus software of game boost engine to get performance. Gaming security is also a must whether it is in your PC, laptop and mobile devices. Gaming antivirus pauses the background services that running in your background while you play the game. Buy this Gaming Antivirus Discount Voucher and get 40% off on this. For installing this in your operating system you require windows 10 version 1809 or later. 2 GB RAM, 500 MB free hard drive space, 1Ghz processor, and high-speed internet connection is recommended.

Virtual Private Network(VPN)

McAfee VPN by McAfee Coupon Code

McAfee provides a safe connect VPN for encrypting your online activity, this VPN works on android, window, iOS. It is not possible wherever you go you will get a fast internet connection so you need to connect with public wifi. Do you think that if you use public wifi connection your activities are secure? Public places like airport, railways, coffee cafe and other where you need to connect with public wifi. Download this McAfee safe connect VPN on your device for enjoying private browsing wherever you go online. The price of this VPN is $7.99 per month and $47.99 yearly but before purchasing you can get a free trial VPN.

Get the best deal on McAfee VPN & Save Up to 50% OFF

McAfee gives the discount to save your money so before this best deal goes out to grab it. Buy the yearly plan of McAfee VPN and get 50% off on this by McAfee Coupon Code. You can protect up to  5 devices that can be your laptop, android or PC. If you need any helps and questions, query get expert support by call, chat or email. The unlimited data plan and 30 days money-back guarantee on this premium McAfee VPN safe connection 1-year plan.

McAfee® Identity Theft Protection

Identity theft protection

Fraud is everywhere and hackers try to theft your detail by making fake websites. This software of McAfee identity theft protection fastly identifies the theft threat detected in your devices. Get anti-theft protection by choosing any one plan for your devices. There are three tiers of plan these are standard, premium and plan. Buy the identity theft protection standard plan at $0.99/1st mo., Plus plan $4.99 / 1st mo., premium plan at $9.99 / 1st mo. A cyber monitoring feature scans the threats before the attack of thieves in your device. Get the alert by the SSN trace that sends you messages and alert helping you to catch the theft threats.

What features included in the McAfee® Identity Theft Protection PREMIUM?

  • Cyber monitoring scans the online threat happening in the online black market, save your info before goes out into thieves hand.
  • Social media monitoring monitor your social media profile, post, photos, and videos, do not let destroy your online reputation.
  • Sex offender monitoring will keep your family safe and secure
  • Get a notification if any changes have been made in your bank account for editing or other
  • Change of address report does not let fraud that can be redirected to your mails.
  • Court and criminal record monitoring makes a record of public & if any thieve try to use your identity
  • Get smart metrics to identify risk and 24/7 for 1-year expert support to you
  • Let do the identity theft insurance and get recovering costs of identity stolen
  • If your bank money is stolen get cover up to $10K by stolen funds reimbursement
  • Credit monitoring, annual credit report and credit score if any changes have been made in your creditworthiness.
  • Monitor your non-credit loan
  • Recover your identity by full-service ID restoration

McAfee® WebAdvisor FREE

WebAdvisor is free software provided by McAfee to browse safely. McAfee WebAdvisor blocks malware, viruses if you find malicious sites it blocks them. Phishing websites are not safe for you because if you accidentally click on such sites your personal information can be tracked. Free download WebAdvisor to get protection from adware, spyware, malware, viruses and phishing scams. This software will give you security so that you can browse anything & without the worry of cyber-attackers. It includes the Typo Protection that gives you the right direction if you type the wrong web address. Download this Award-winning internet security and trust of over 500 million users. You get safe browsing as a colour-coded system that let you know which link is safe. System Requirements for downloading McAfee WebAdvisor You should have window 10, 8, 8.1, 7 of 32 to 64 bit. It supported in chrome, firefox, MS edge, internet explorer 10.0 or later. For installing this in your browser just click on the “free download” on McAfee’s website. After the completion of the download, open the set-up program and follow the instruction to install it.

McAfee® Safe Family

McAfee Safe Family

You can download this application from the google play store, app store or download it for windows. This application keeps your kids safe online whether at school, home or wherever you go. McAfee’s safe family save your kids if they click on phishing websites or irrelevant content. You can buy this application for the security of your family on a monthly or yearly basis. The monthly plan starts at $7.99/mo* and $49.99/yearly and gets parental control in your devices. Parental Control is to keep your kids safe and eye on the activities of your kids. McAfee company provides a free trial for 30 days that is enough to know how it works and give protection to your kids. Monitor the daily activity of your kids, keep your kids away from the phishing sites & content.

McAfee Enterprise Security & Protection

McAfee enterprise security & protection

We have discussed all home security products by McAfee for the protection of their devices. Some of them are free to download and some software you have to buy by using McAfee Coupons and Promotion. Now let’s come to know what other products that McAfee made for the enterprise’s security. Enterprise security is essential because a lot of work done by enterprises. Numerous employee works in an enterprise and connected to the operating system. They do online work and for making payment, pay tax and other financial details, an online connection is required. So for the security of your personal information in your enterprise you need McAfee software products.

Products are:
  • Endpoint Security
  • Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)
  • Endpoint Detection & Response
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • ePolicy Orchestrator
  • Mobile Security
  • SaaS Security Management
  • SIEM
  • Network Security Platform
  • Web Gateway

McAfee Endpoint Security

Endpoint security provides real-time protection to your devices and blocks all kinds of malware. It includes endpoint detection and response (EDR) technology that make a quick response in one click. Prevent threats and mitigate risks, detect malware, spyware, adware, and other viruses. Rollback remediation by making quick actions keep your system and users more productive. McAfee free trial also you can get on McAfee endpoint security. Machine learning analytics has detected zero-day threats. Secure your endpoint from the attack of hackers & this software fights against ransomware, grey ware. An Antimalware protection feature works with intelligence across multiple operating systems.

McAfee Cloud Access Security Broker(CASB)

CSAB detects the cloud services, users, and all other devices, powerful visibility into data & context. Get the cloud registry of the world’s largest cloud services. Al-driven activity mapper monitors the application and data and complete control across all applications. Buy this cloud access security broker to accelerate your business and make your organization productive. If you thinking to buy this McAfee software yes or no, so you can get a free demo for this.

Endpoint Detection & Response

EndPoint Detection & Response

Endpoint detection & response has the capabilities to detect the attackers by machine learning & Al-guided investigation. Are you distract by an unusual noise in your operating system? the MVISION EDR reduces the alert noise that irrelevant for you & builds reason for disruption. You do not require more resources because it enables you to do more with your existing resources. If you do not know how to operate this software on your device so McAfee training always for you. This EDR always implements the right solutions for the users. Set your goals and identify the threat that is harmful to your business & enterprises. You will get to know how to manage your EDR software in your system.

McAfee Total Protection for Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

McAfee Total Protection for Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

McAfee has built this software to prevent your data that has been lost or stolen. Total protection for data loss prevents your sensitive data of cloud & endpoint. DLP includes an ePolicy orchestrator for deployment, management, updates, and reports. Data loss prevention provides visibility on how the hackers leaked your data and it has been used. It separates and identifies your sensitive data that is crucial for your organization. There is a strong policy if any data transmission is done against the violation of policy it blocks them. Find your sensitive data, protect removable devices and media.

McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator

Buy McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator

It is a security management platform that provides the user’s threat information and security news. You can enhance the security which is already in your window 10 & third party integration gives you a faster response. Get McAfee ePolicy orchestrator training if you have some issue to run this in your system. Download this ePolicy orchestrator in your device and manage your devices with McAfee tools. For saving money on buying this orchestrator use the McAfee discount code.

Mobile security for the modern enterprise

Mobile security for the modern enterprise

Install this software of McAfee for the security of your mobile that detects threat & provide protection. McAfee mobile security gives protection that is always on in your mobile devices. The advanced threat analysis watches the risk that can be harmful to your devices. It gives the users an advanced alert & threat so that they keep away from viruses, malware & other threats. This is a single based management console tool to extend visibility and control over devices. The McAfee MVISION secures all devices iPhone, iPad, Android & other smartphones. Protect your smartphone from phishing sites that can be found in email, messages, texts, social media apps. Get the McAfee mobile security free demo if you want to know in advance how it works.

SaaS Security Management

SaaS is a cloud-based security management software that monitors your endpoint and mobile devices. When there will be risk occur in your device of the cyber-attacker who going to track your details. You get an immediate notification that alerts you to keep away the hackers. SaaS security management is a powerful product that manages the security of devices.

SaaS security management

Features of MVISION ePO SaaS Management
  • Reduces the burden of complexity by applying ePolicy
  • Fast Mitigation and Remediation
  • Streamlined Security and Enforcement
  • Straightforward Migration
  • Additional Assurance & Essential Risk Management

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Accelerate your enterprise for taking incident responses with McAfee SIEM software. You can do your work without any burden of having trouble in your operational activities. Regular visibility enables you for actionable analysis and orchestration. Extend the security of an organization and buy this using SIEM Promo Codes, monitor the work, identify the threat. Do your work without fear of phishing or malicious websites & contents.

Network Security Platform

Increase the high network security by downloading this network security platform. when you connected to the network there are always unknown attackers ready at your back. It includes signature-based and signature-less intrusion systems that block new and malicious sites. Hide your network connectivity into a private network so the hackers can not find your details. Before buying this you can request a free demo of the network security platform.

McAfee Web Gateway

It provides web security to your web built by McAfee and gets high-performance web security. McAfee Web Gateway uses data loss protection technology to scan outbound traffic. Do McAfee activate in your devices and expand your web protection & get a discount by McAfee web gateway discount codes.

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McAfee Coupons & Discounts

Security and protection are the most useful things to live your digital life privately. McAfee has built many software products for any device. These works in android, PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad. There is a free scanning application that is freely available to download at McAfee online store. For using the more advanced feature you need to upgrade after the free trial but you can save money on upgrade by McAfee Coupons & Discounts. There is McAfee AntiVirus Trial for you before purchasing this antivirus software.