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Finding the perfect and reliable VPN network which makes you impress form their performance is tough because there are several options available in the market. NordVPN is also one of them which is much popular for their satisfactory services and privacy support. Here we give you a complete NordVPN Review about the performance and cons of NordVPN. NordVPN is one of the most popular and successful VPN tools in the online industry. It has almost 12 million users over the world who trust its functionality.  NordVPN software is available for Windows, mac, ios, android & Linux. Which means it can support every platform for working.

NordVPN Worth to Buy

There are some mind-blowing features available in NordVPN which is enough to make it impressive. With NordVPN you get OpenVPN support for strong connection & high performance plus a kill switch & DNS leak protection to keep your data safe. Even you get double data encryption & onion support for extra-strong security with ad and malware protection. But just like other VPN software NordVPN also have some drawbacks which you may don’t like. Here we will discuss what they are.

NordVPN Concern about privacy and security

NordVPN did not retain the logs of the user’s activity which is one of the great things in NordVPN software. For better encryption standards they use a 256-bit advanced encryption standard. To make your privacy more secure NordVPN also uses PGP keys to keep your account details safe because the breaking of PGP keys encryption is next to impossible. All these features make NordVPN a great option to choose as VPN software. It cares very nicely about the privacy and safety of the users. Even if you want better privacy security then for you NordVPN also offers kills switch function which never lets you compromise with privacy. Kill switch never let any data leaked even when the connection with NordVPN is down.

Double protection of safety with double VPN servers

Double protection, sound pretty right? Yes, NordVPN offers its users double protection because it links 2 VPN servers together. It means your data is needed to pass by one extra layer of VPN. This process is enough to keep every type of data safe and secure. In this way, NordVPN offers the extra security of your personal information at the same price.

Connect up to 6 devices simultaneously in one account

As most of the VPN networks did not allow the connection of multiple devices at the same time in one account. But with NordVPN you can connect up to 6 devices at the same time. And the best you can make every device safe and secure. As for most of the people connection up to 6 devices is enough. And even you can access the unlimited platform by this VPN network.

Fastest Speed offering offer VPN network NordVPN

Out of many top VPN networks, NordVPN can be considered as the fastest spend offering VPN network. Even with the streaming of YouTube videos in 2k and 4k quality is also very impressive. It means if you want to try the speed to the fastest VPN network, NordVPN can be the perfect option for you which working fine for almost every platform.

NordVPN Best VPN

More than 4k servers available in almost 62 countries

This statement is enough to show that NordVPN is a great and huge VPN network that has 4,000 servers in almost 62 countries. But most of the servers are us based and very few of them are for Asia and Africa based. Which can be a downside in servers of NordVPN. It means NordVPN has a Grand Global network across the world which makes with one of the best VPN networks in the world.

NordVPN Review of Pricing Plan

The prices of NordVPN are impressive and reasonable for the service and features which we get in this. The monthly plan of NordVPN starts from $11.95 per month with the billing cycle of one month. While the yearly plan of NordVPN is of cost $6.99 per month with a total bill of $83.88 with billing cycle of 12 months and the most popular plan of NordVPN is the bi-yearly plan which cost you $4.99 per month with a total bill of $95.99 with billing cycle of 24 months. And the best thing that in every plan of NordVPN we get 30 days money-back guarantee. So if you are not satisfied with NordVPN you can easily get your money back. More things you will get to know with NordVPN Review 2021.

Easily unblock sites which other VPN are not able to

One of the best feature which we can consider in NordVPN that it can easily unblock sites which another VPN is not able to.  Sites like Netflix can easily access with NordVPN.  This is one of the reasons for most of the users to buy a VPN network. So that they can easily access any website which is restricted in their country.  And for this purpose, NordVPN is the best tool. Even NordVPN can easily access china also which another VPN is not able to.

Best VPN support

If you talk about the support you get in NordVPN then it is appreciable. You can contact their team 24/7 through live chat and email. This impressive support facility makes NordVPN a great option for most of the users.

NordVPN Users

Cons of NordVPN

  • Worst Speed in Malaysia – The speed of NordVPN in Malaysia is really bad and not enough. So if you belong to Malaysia for work for the specific country then I especially not recommended you do not go with NordVPN.
  • Slow app & servers – If you are using an app with the NordVPN network then you may face some slowness in your devices which is another con of NordVPN. It means NordVPN is not recommended for Android and IOS users.
  • Kill switch not available for Android – One of the best features which NordVPN allowed their use is to kill switch for window users.  On the other hand, NordVPN not allows killing switch which facility to the Android and mobile users.  So if you are a mobile user and want to use the NordVPN network on your Android devices, then you are not able to access kill switch which increases your privacy concern and safety.

Conclusion:  is NordVPN worth to buy?

In the end, if you are window or mac users and not want to run NordVPN for Malaysia country then for you the best VPN is the NordVPN network. Which allow you all the facility which you need to make your work done. On the other hand, if you want to use NordVPN for android devices then maybe NordVPN is not enough good VPN network for you. Even there are more than 12 million users of NordVPN it means NordVPN is worthy to buy and reliable to use. Or if you have any doubt you can make contact with them anytime through live chat and email. Another appreciable feature of NordVPN is that you never face any logs activity which makes you irritate with NordVPN. The performance and price of NordVPN make it a tough competitor for other top VPN networks in the world.

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