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Are you worried about private data stored in your PC’s? Say Goodbye to all your worries as Norton Antivirus Software protect your PC’s from all kind of attacks and viruses. You even don’t need to worry about the budget because Norton Black Friday Sale offers pocket-friendly prices. Norton Antivirus Software has approved several Cyber Security Test. They can protect you from advanced cyber-attacks. It can detect viruses in a fraction of seconds and also remove them from PCs. A million users are satisfied by Norton’s services. You can get 80% off on Norton Products and Norton Black Friday Deals is live on 27th November 2020.

Products For Discount On Norton Black Friday Sale

Norton Black Friday Sale

  1. Norton 360 With LifeLock Select-90% Off

Norton LifeLock has a lot of features to shield the identity from threats. It is a perfect security suite. The most powerful and easy setup for users. It keeps a close eye watch over your crucial credentials like a credit card, bank accounts, and public records. The additional feature use AI technology from protecting users from cyber-attacks.

  • The use of a smart firewall to safeguard your privacy and destroy all kinds of viruses for the safety of users.
  • You can create your password with the help of a password manager. It also stores the credit card and bank accounts detail on your behalf.
  • The feature is very useful for parents is that you can keep a close eye watch and prevent the children from accessing certain websites.
  • You get access to a secured VPN that helps you to browse anonymously by masking your IP Address.
  • Norton keeps check on your personal information and if it gets leaks then it alerts us. It is called data breach security
  • LifeLock Identity Alert System that makes you alert quickly when it detects your identity is in danger.
  • PC SafeCam is a feature that protects hackers and prevents malicious software from using a Webcam.

Plans And Pricing With LifeLock Plans

  • Norton 360 With LifeLock Select (Starting Plan)
  • Grab 65% Off on Norton Black Friday Deals.
  • The plan includes 100GB of Cloud Storage.
  • The device can be connected by five devices.
  • Norton 360 With LifeLock Advantage
  • Grab 70% Off on Norton Black Friday Deals 2020.
  • It gives 250GB of Cloud Storage.
  • You can connect 10 devices simultaneously.
  • Single Click can lock all your information.
  • Norton 360 with LifeLock Ultimate Plus
  • Grab 90% Off on Norton Black Friday Discount
  • It supplies 500GB of Cloud storage.
  • It can protect unlimited devices.
Norton LifeLock Last Verdict

Norton LifeLock Black Friday Deals

They provide a whole package of security features and is reliable for users who want quality protection. They might be a bit expensive but on Norton, Black Friday Sale grasp them at nominal prices. Norton security includes dazzling features not only provide identity theft protection but also Million Dollar protection applicable on Ultimate Plus and Advantage LifeLock tier. It provides Lakh of reimbursement at Advantage Plan. Millions of reimbursements at Ultimate plus tier.

  1. Norton 360 Plans

Common Features

  • It provides AI technology to protect against cyber-attacks and computer viruses.
  • Personal and private information is protected by an additional layer called a firewall.
  • In cloud backup when your hard drive crashes all the files can be recovered. It is also a way to keep your files safe.
  • The strong firewall introspects all incoming and outgoing traffic. If it detects any suspicious traffic it removes or blocks the traffic.
  • You can generate your password and also you need not remember your password as the password manager keeps it stored and encrypted in a cloud-based vault.
  • It provides guaranteed protection from all kind of attacks and if it fails to do so then Norton refund the whole money to its users.
  • Parents get the authority to keep control over their kids when they are surfing online and can prevent them from accessing certain websites.
  • Secured VPN protects you even on Public Wi-Fi that can leave your data vulnerable if you don’t have a VPN.
  • The strong protection against cyber-crimes as it allows only authorized access even if someone tries to capture over Webcam it will notify you first.

Norton 360 Standard

  • You can save 42% on Norton’s Black Friday Sale.
  • It can offer protection for Single PCs or tablets or smartphones.
  • You have to pay $34.99/year
  • You can get 10GB Cloud backup Storage.
  • The rest includes all the above features.

Norton 360 Deluxe

  • You can save 40% on Norton’s Black Friday Sale.
  • It can offer protection for 3 PCs or smartphones or tablets simultaneously.
  • You have to pay $39.99/year.
  • You get exclusive Cloud Backup Storage that is 50GB.
  • Rest it includes all the above features.

Norton 360 Deluxe Premium

  • You can save 12% on Norton’s Black Friday Sale.
  • One can protect your 5 PCs or Smartphone or Tablet simultaneously.
  • You get huge Cloud Backup Storage is 75GB.
  • Rest it includes all the above features.

Norton Antivirus Plus

Norton Antivirus Black Friday Deals

  • It is a starting plan
  • You can save 33% on Norton’s Black Friday Sale.
  • It can offer protection to a single device.
  • You get 2GB of Cloud storage.
  • Do not include Secure VPN & SafeCam for PCs.
  • You have to pay $14.99/year.
  • Reliable for those who want basic protection does not have many private data to protect.

Final Conclusion – Norton Black Friday Deals 2020

Don’t miss out on the amazing deal on Norton Products. Norton is globally known for its security and features that it provides in its products. It is award-winning software that protects your privacy in a way that no one can steal it. So, from my end, it’s a perfect time to get top-notch security for your PC’s, Laptop, and smartphone. You can save a million dollars in your pocket and get your privacy protection plan. Everyone can also try a free trial to check which one suits your requirements.

You have a golden opportunity to buy your favorite user-friendly security software. I recommend if you plan to buy an ordinary plan you might not able to get all features and won’t be satisfied so try to spend a bit more and get the best plan with the best features on this Norton Black Friday Sale. If you missed it then you have to wait for one whole year and you might not get the same deal.

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