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Norton is one of the best Antivirus security providing companies on the globe. Cybercriminals are using complex threats to hack the devices as a result cyber crimes are increasing day by day. So now it is very important to keep your device and personal information safe from hackers & Cybercriminals. But is Norton any good to protect you from Antivirus? Well, after lots of research and experiments I am here to share an honest Norton Review with you. We will discuss almost every expects in this of Norton in this review.  So let’s begin with the background of the Norton.

Background of the Norton

The company started in 1990 by the Symantec Corporation. Norton offers many types of digital security to the people so that they can stay safe in the digital world. Norton got many awards for his excellent digital security all over the world.

Pros of the Norton

There are many pros of the Norton and I am going to represent some of them.

Pros and Cons of the Norton

Fast Scan

If you will compare the scan time of the Norton with other digital security provider companies. Then you will see that Norton has a fast scanning speed compared to its competitors.

More Than An Antivirus

Norton doesn’t offer only security for your device. It has lots of features that help you a lot. you will get the password manager, online threat protection, and many more things are there.

Modern User Interface

Norton uses the very modern and easy to use interface. There is no need to be a professional or technical expert to use these Norton’s interfaces.  Anyone can easily operate and learn to use the Norton.


If you didn’t understand anything in the Norton so you can easily learn that with the help of tutorials. There are a lot of tutorials on youtube. Apart from this, there are also many knowledge-based and FAQs for the instant answer to your questions.

Cons of the Norton

Make other software slow

Norton requires many resources in the device. As a result, the other software of the device becomes slow due to the maximum use of the Norton. So this one of the biggest drawbacks of Norton.

The issue in installing some common software

If you are using Norton then sometimes you face difficulties in installing some common software on your PC. So, it is also a drawback of the Norton.

So let’s go forward in the Norton review and discuss the plans of the Norton.

Norton Plans

Norton Plans

There are a large number of Norton Plans to fulfill the different needs of the customers. We are going to discuss some most popular Norton plans.

Norton Antivirus Plus

Norton 360 Standard

Norton 360 Deluxe

Norton 360 with LifeLock Select

These were the great plans of the Norton. Let’s discuss these plans one by one.

Norton Antivirus Plus

Norton Antivirus Features

There are many excellent features of the Norton Antivirus.  Here you can use 1 PC or Mac.

Protection from viruses, malware & protection

Do you know your device can be affected by viruses? There is a possibility that your information is a collection by anyone who can sell your information to the hackers. There is a wide variety of malware who can damage your device.

Online Threat protection

Today the online threat is complex threats. When you go online and fill your financial information to the online store or any other online platform. The hackers can store this financial information or personal information and they can misuse them. But the Norton excellent team monitor you when you go online. These features will helps to protect your financial information when you go online.

Cloud Backup

It is very important to keep back up your PC. There are many possibilities to lose your precious data. Your laptop’s hard drive can fail, or ransomware can encrypt your data. So it is very important to back up your laptop. Norton Antivirus Plus offers 2 GB cloud storage for backup your PC.

Smart firewall

Norton Smart Firewall is a smart feature of the Norton. It monitors the traffic that you send and receive when you go online. If it finds any kind of suspicious traffic it instantly blocks that traffic. That’s how This feature saves you from the intrusive eyes.

Password Manager

It is important to create a complex password when you are going to make an online account. But at the same time, it is very difficult to remember these passwords. Norton offers an online secure vault to its customers. You can keep you all password secure in the online Norton secure vault. You can simply get those passwords whenever you need them.

Virus Protection Promise

Here Norton offers an amazing offer that many people can’t refuse. If you find any virus in your device which can not be removed by the Norton. Then you will get your money back.

Norton 360 Standard

Norton 360 Standard includes the Norton Antivirus Plus. Norton 360 Standard also offers the protection for 1 PC, 1Mac or 1 Smartphone or tablet. You can get the use of Norton Coupons to save your bucks on this software.

There are some key features of the Norton 360 Standard

  • Here you will get 10 GB cloud storage
  • If you use the public WI-FI then you must know that your details be stolen very easily. Norton 360 standard plan gives you a secure VPN.
  • Do you know your web can be hacked and cybercriminals can misuse these details very easily? Here you will get the PC Safecam.  So there is no need to worry if you have the Norton 360 Standard.
  • Norton 360 has the darkwebmonitering feature. Now, what is the dark web? It’s that type of web that cannot be searched by the regular search engines. This is the place where cybercriminals sell people’s personal information. Darkweb monitoring these web and let you know if he finds your details on those web.

Norton 360 Deluxe

Norton 360 Deluxe

Here Norton 360 Deluxe includes the Norton 360 Standard. Here you will get the security for up to 5 devices.

There are some key features of the Norton 360 Deluxe

  • Here you will get 50 GB Cloud Storage.
  • Do you know what your child is doing on the internet? The Internet has many vulgar things that are not good for your child. So Norton 360 Deluxe offers the parental Control.
  • Here you will get secure VPN for up to 5 PCs, Macs, Smartphones or tablets.

Norton 360 with LifeLock Select with LifeLock Select

Norton 360 with LifeLock includes the Norton 360 Deluxe. Here you will get the protection for up to 5 PCs, Macs, smartphones or tablets.

  • Here you will get the 100 GB cloud storage
  • LifeLock Identity Alert System
  • The U.S.- based Identity Restoration Specialists.
  • Stolen wallet protection
  • Million-dollar protection package
  • Credit monitoring
  • SSN & Credit Alerts
Norton Customer support

Norton offers excellent customer support to there customers.  Norton offers almost every possible way to give the best support to its support. First of all, there are many tutorials, FAQs, and the official of the Norton. You can also use the Norton Customer support chat to start live chat with the Norton team. Apart from all these things If you want to call support you can directly call on the Norton Customer Support Number 1 (855) 815-2726.

Norton Customer support

60 Days Money

If you have any doubts related to the Norton? So let me tell you that Norton offers excellent 60 Days money back refund. Here you can choose the Norton on a trial basis after that if you feel satisfied with Norton. Then you can continue with Norton and if you are not satisfied with the Norton. So you can simply get your money back.

Is Norton Worth Money?

Norton offers excellent antivirus software with a modern user-friendly interface. Apart from this it also offers excellent customer support. It is one of the best antivirus software companies. Based on all this stuff, we can say that yes Norton Worth the money.

Which is the best Norton Product?

Which is the best Norton Product

In my opinion, which is based on my experience and the research, Norton 360 is the best Norton Product. Because Norton 360 has the best features ever. Here you will get many other features like a password manager, Secure VPN, Identity theft protection and many more.


Norton is a great antivirus software providing company apart from this it also gives you some extra benefits. We have covered almost every aspect of Norton in this Norton Antivirus review. Norton has many pros at the same time it has some cons also. Norton offers many plans so choose whatever suits you and keep your device & data safe and secure.

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