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PC protect Antivirus is a product of a company called SS Protect Limited. It was founded in 2016 and has headquartered in Hampshire. The company designs antivirus software for several types of platforms. Its software is developed to run on several kinds of devices and to protect them from threats, viruses, malware, spyware, and provides some best security tools and features. Its features are capable of defending the devices from irrelevant activities. cleanses the junk and threats from your device properly. The PC Protect Antivirus Review is made to provide you the safety to your data and files as well as increases the overall device’s speed and performance.

PC Protect Antivirus Features


When it comes to reliability, PC Protect Antivirus Software is the ultimate protection for corporate use and home also. In its antivirus solution, pc protect includes a complete set of tools that enhance the performance of your PC and also improves speed. The antivirus designed to run on different platforms so it combines the complete package of safety and performance. The antivirus made to defend the personal computer of a permanent user as well as a network device. Its advanced VPN security system keeps the protection of your web activity like emails, wireless hotspots, and your data and files available. The license purchase is a must for the package hence, with the excellent service you will get your money’s worth from this package.

Work & Support

PC Protect Security detects and destroys malware, viruses, Trojans and online threats and also ensures the safety of your data and files. It runs automatically and has a quick detection system through which it destroys the threats in a few seconds or minutes. It also finds and blocks spammy and irrelevant web addresses instantly. It ensures complete security when you are online or browsing.

In terms of customer help and support PC Protects provides the next level support system. You will get the options like chat and Emails to ask any questions. They have a quick response team that supports their customers as soon as possible and fixes your problem. Here you will get the 30 days money-back trial. So you get the chance to try this once and if you don’t get satisfied you can easily get your money back through its money refund policy.

PC Protect Antivirus Protection

Key Benefits

  • Supports different platforms, including the mobile ones
  • Easy to install and set
  • Multiple device connection in Pro and Ultimate plan
  • Personal firewall
  • Discounts for new customers

PC Protect Plans & Features

Currently,  three types of plans available that PC Protect is providing under its package. From these three plans, you can choose a better one for you. Choose that suits your device and full fills your requirement because every plan includes different features and different device support system. So when we consider a basic plan, it is suitable for permanent users with a single device.  The three packages are Essential Antivirus, Pro Antivirus, and Ultimate Antivirus. Essential antivirus package comes with the tools of overall ransomware defender online and space cleaning tools. Here are ransomware protection given below that work for your device and perform the functions. These are:

  • Opening files.
  • Reads data from the files opened.
  • Unpacking archives.
  • File scanning & cleaning to find malware.
  • Assessment of website safety when the antivirus package includes Internet protection features.
  • Manages antivirus database updates, as well as launch many other antivirus real-time functions.

Some testing reveals, that the fastest antivirus solutions are also the weakest security providers. So, the Essential antivirus of PC Protection also works on both perspective storage covering and security providing.  Because there are many antivirus that uses that much space but is unable to provide complete security. They cannot detect the threats and viruses as quickly as PC protection provides.

PC Protect antivirus

Essential Antivirus

Along with the ransomware protection, it provides many features that come with its every package and provide you real-time protection. Its tools are always active to defend any type of viruses and malware and provide complete quick protection. You will get the Disk cleaner tool through which you can clean and empty some space. Through the PC tools and optimization tools, you can set the use of space. The antivirus includes excellent remote Firewall protection that provides the security from malicious files or software. You will get a web security extension along with a web browser manager. The web browser manager manages the hard disk and your browser data and browsing history etc. hence, these features and tools present in the PC Protect Essential antivirus package.

Pro Antivirus

PC Protect Pro Antivirus includes more tools and features than essential antivirus. The features such as Performance & optimization tools and safe password managers are not present in essential antivirus package. However basic plan can protect your online web activity through private safety. But the pro plan works to store all your login data in a separate place, which indicates more safety.

Ultimate Antivirus

Now, the last plan that is more capable than the above two plans called the PC Protect Ultimate Antivirus plan. It is more popular and reliable as it supports 5 devices and extra features or functionality. It offers 24/7 instant customer support and mobile optimizer. You will get the best support and help from their professional team and also the overall protection for your device.

Every plan is money worthy and useful. Take Pro Antivirus for personal use with many devices that can be protected by this. Otherwise, take the Ultimate plan, it is suitable for corporate use where you need full protection and safety. And you own three devices or more.

PC Protect Antivirus Features

  • NEW Ransomware Protection
  • Real-Time Antivirus Protection
  • Virus, Trojans, Adware, Spyware & Malware Protection
  • Protection Against Phishing Scams
  • Free Up System Space with Disk Cleaner
  • PC Performance & Optimization Tools
  • Remote Firewall Protection
  • Stay Safe Online With Web Shield Extension
  • Web Browser Cleaner & Manager
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Protect Multiple Devices
  • Safe Password Vault (not present in the basic plan)
  • 24/7 Priority Super Fast Support

PC Protect Free Version

PC Protect Antivirus is well known for its professional security service that works and supports in real-time. So it does not provide any free version for pc protection available. If you want to get pc protection you have to purchase its plans.  However, if you want to take a trial you can try it for 30 days. And then if you think it is not worth you can claim to refund within 30 days.

PC Protect Antivirus Trial  and Money-Back Guarantee

As we know that the pc protect does not offer any free version for your computer. So you have to pick the right plan for you to get the advantage of the security services. The plan you buy will be under trial version for the 30 days through which your amount can be refunded if you want to. In case you feel that the antivirus is not suitable for you, so you can claim a refund to the official website of the company.  In the refund section of the website, you can mail to the billing executives or chat with the support. After claiming a refund the antivirus service will be stopped instantly.

PC Protect Antivirus Price and Discounts

Since every version of the PC Protect Antivirus are paid. The company offers a discount for new users. Each plan has its pricing and discount. These discount can reduce your expense and save your money for the same product that costs much. Through the discount, you will get the antivirus at a reasonable price. The antivirus offers plan and discount such as:

PC Protect antivirus Pricing

  • PC Protect Essential Antivirus $24.95 normally costs $99.95
  • PC Protect Pro Antivirus $39.95 instead of $119.95
  • PC Protect Ultimate Antivirus costs $59.95 normally comes at $149.95.

The company is offering decent discounts otherwise you can use PC Protect Coupon Code. You have to pay less compared to the original price. The discount is offered for a year of subscription and after completing one year you have to pay full price for starting on your device protection continuously.

PC Protect Antivirus Pros

Easy installation and settings

It is easy to install or launch on your device. You can install it on up to 3 devices. Firstly you have to download it for installing the program and then just run the installation by using instructions properly. The program will be installed and launched automatically you have to reboot your system and open the antivirus and start using it. You have to choose whether you want to run a full system scan to detect threats and viruses and also for database updation. The scan time and process will take time according to the functionality of your device and the files and data present on this.

PC Protect Antivirus Requirement

The Antivirus can work with several versions of Windows OS. PC Protect is suitable for desktop and laptop both. And it requires:

  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Processor: 1.6 GHz
  • Free disk space: 600 MB

It also runs on mobile devices where the installation is done by itself. By default setting, you can adjust the requirements.

Elaborate VPN service

A VPN will be installed in your device with the antivirus which provides a safe connection to the server. Your connection will be covered by an encrypted server. So you will be protected from the data breaching or losing data while connected with spammy connection or public wifi.

On your VPN server, you will get a new IP address that will be recognized by the website where you visit with the connected VPN. Hence, the original IP address and genuine location of the user will seem to be hidden. PC VPN provides different virtual server identity for different countries that shows different IP locations and names. The antivirus controls data transmission by the SSL protocol.

Devices in Pro plan

PC Protect antivirus allows several devices to run on. Its Pro antivirus plan claims to support 3 devices under a single program that saves your time from scanning every device one by one. So it will increase your work productivity along with excellent protection to all the three devices. Keeping your important data safe and at one place and scanning regularly will safeguard both your data and your device.

The antivirus program scans devices that you choose to protect whether the devices run on different operating systems. If you are getting a problem regarding your computer performance or program supporting issues you can take help from the customer support within minutes. Thus it is flexible and can run on several platforms. It keeps your information separate and safe.

PC Protect Antivirus Cons

PC protect can be heavy and storage occupied for your device. Thus it can decrease the performance or speed of your device. Because it includes a large number of tools and resources to provide you full safety. There a few cons of PC protection that cannot be seen as major problems.

PC Protect Antivirus Assets

PC Protect Extra Features

  • File Manager
  • Real-Time Protection
  • Auto Virus Scanning
  • Firewall and some more.

PC Protect suggests its customers discount and refund options without compromising the quality of service by introducing a free version of the antivirus. Because of that, it provides you with up-to-date algorithms of protecting your device or devices on the highest level and keeps it peaceful while running in the background. The main advantage of PC Protect is its multi-platform adjustability, so it is mainly targeted on users who have more than one device to keep safe and synchronized.

Here you get discounts and offers through which you can save maximum. You get the best antivirus service with an amazing discounted price. So PC protect is providing the best quality safety service in a reasonable And discounted price. Also, it is providing the 30 days money-back trial service. So, in this PC Protect antivirus review we concluded that it is one of the best antivirus programs available.

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